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Media Coverage

CCC Alumni Stories - March 2019

CCC Alumni Screenshot.jpg

Life in the Finger Lakes - Off the Easel - March/April 2019

FLX Article Page 1.PNG
FLX Article Page 2.PNG
FLX Article Page 3.PNG
FLX Magazine March/April 2019

Rockwell Museum - Artisan Spotlight

Rockwell Museum Artisan Spotlight Bag Stuffer 2017.PNG
Artisan Spotlight Webpage 2017 please.png

Rockwell Museum - Women's History Month 

Canyon Road Contemporary Art - Santa Fe, NM - Artist Bio

Canyon Road Artist Bio page1.JPG
Canyon Road Artsit Bio pg2.JPG

Rockwell Museum - National Parks Centennial

Rockwell Musuem - Grit and Optimism

Star-Gazette - "Crafting a Career"