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The Studio

The Studio

The Studio is home to the Turquoise Terrapin. It is where every piece of jewelry is handmade, and where creativity is fostered. The studio's pine walls are covered with textiles, folk art, antlers, books, and other inspirational works. One of life's greatest pleasures is to be surrounded by things that are not only energizing to look at, but are also a joy to interact with. Sweeping the porch feels like much less of a chore when using a broom that was made from a whimsically spiraled tree branch, and taking out the trash isn't as monotonous when the bin is a  hand-painted flower pot. Here, even the coat hooks have a story behind them.The ordinary can be extraordinary! These small characteristics of the studio are constant reminders of the importance of the craftsmanship and beauty which goes into each one of our pieces! 

The studio is always ready and waiting for the creative process to continue.
Kelly Ormsby - 3 Inside Turquoise Terrapin Studio.jpg
Photo Credit: Cagwin Photo and Design

Photo Credit: Cagwin Photo and Design